I have had experience in the website design field for several years. Working with various content management systems, including Drupal, Rivista and Episerver, I prefer WordPress. Below are examples of WordPress sites I designed.

Nerd Lunch

Nerd Lunch started as a blog in 2007. At first, it was a Blogspot/Blogger hosted site that just served as a home for random nerdy articles. As time went by, additional content became a huge part of the site and brand and the Blogger interface was no longer a great option for the home.

So a new WordPress site was created to be a hub for the various facets of the brand: podcast, articles, videos, and other links. Additionally, a database was included as a resource to share information about the copious guests who have been on the podcast.

Timberlane church of Christ

Timberlane church of Christ was needing a new website. I was drafted to execute the project. After reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of other church websites, I split the site into various categories of focus: connection, growth and service.

This project came at the same time as a rebrand for the congregation and includes several new subbrands and logos for daily devotional series.

The site is essentially serves as a brochure site with links to sermons, events and other announcements.

FCCU Foundation

Brand new website was needed for this financial literacy initiative created by First Commerce Credit Union. A simple brochure-style website to outline importance of the program as well as list available class offerings.

Timothy Network

This was a redesign of an existing WordPress site. The previous version was dark and not responsive. This site brightens up the screen and offers much more flexibility for expansion.

Pod, James Pod Podcast

This was a simple website set up to collect information about the Pod, James Pod Podcast. Links to episodes and other referenced information on the shows is housed here.